PhotoFast pushes the limits with the exclusive MAX Extreme

Taipei, Taiwan – 19th August 2015

PhotoFast, the creator of the i-FlashDrive in 2009, has set a new speed record with the release of the PhotoFast MAX Extreme. As a PRO version of the already launched MAX model, the MAX Extreme offers breathtaking speeds of 90MB/s Read and 85MB/s Write.

PhotoFast MAX Extreme is the smallest and most powerful iOS storage drive in the market to date, which will be of great interest to users who demand the highest transfer speeds as well as portability and a feature rich user interface to handle large data. Having such a powerful drive in your hand that not only accesses laptops and computers but also iPhones, iPads and iPods breaks the boundaries of traditional data handling.

PhotoFast CEO, Warren Wang, commented, “We are a restless team that push the limits of technology to bring greater speeds and performance into the hands of the modern day technology user. PhotoFast MAX Extreme sets a new benchmark in the iOS storage category that we are proud to add to our product range”.

The massive leaps of technology these days means companies need to be continuously developing and innovating to secure their position in the eyes of the tech savvy customer. PhotoFast established themselves as the pioneer of this market segment with their first i-FlashDrive in 2009, but are humble enough to continue developing solutions that match the demand of today to maintain their position.