An English study says that 30% people don’t keep a habit of doing data
backup of phones. The Big data indicates that there are 113 phones
stollen or lost every one minute globally.
The safety of cloud backup is still be doubted and full of uncertainty.

It’s hard to erase the memory with
numerous photos. It’s awkward if downloading
video & music to the phones without enough storage.

Loss of important data

Storage 0% left Which one to delete?


Waste money?

Simply connect to your iPhone / Android phone
and charger, and backup starts automatically!

Compact & Simple!
Plug & Play!

.Auto-backup calendar, contacts, photos and videos!
.No more data lost even the phone is broken or lost!
.Plug & Play! No manual needed!

Charging+Backup at the same time

1. Connect to USB-A charger
2. Connect Lighting cable / Micro-B cable / Type-C cable

USB-A charger

.Lightning cable to USB-A Cable
.Micro-B to USB-A Cable
.Type-C to USB-A Cable


USB Connector

Ergonomically designed for Apple & Android charger perfectly!

.USB3.1 speed for fast and reliable file transfer.

Built-in memory

USB 3.1


It’s that simple! Connect your smart phone
at night, and all data (Calendar, Contact,
Photos & Videos) backup will be done
and battery charged in the morning.

Smart backup design. It resumes from where you
left off last time. It’s fast and efficient!

USB 3.1

Backup automatically every time
you charge the phone!

Support multiple devices. Every iPhone /
Android Phone backup is stored in separate
folder for easy management.
Reminder notification when the memory
card is full.

You can charge and back up your phone anywhere, anytime.

Compact and ergonomically design, with fully-
featured app, fits in your daily life!

USB connector supports MAC and PC,
exchange files with ease.

microSD card slot supports memory
card from GoPro action cameras,
DJI drones, car dash cams or
other smart devices, …etc.

Backup more just than photos, even social
media contents!

PhotoCube also supports Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo and
Tumblr contents. You can check all the
contents when you are offline.

More than just backup!

PhotoFast ONE has more than 30 useful features: Data
backup/restore, take photos/videos and save directly
to external storage, voice recorder, data compress/
encryption, social media browse and download,
Cloud Storage management, … etc. PhotoFast ONE is
the best all-in-one file manager for your iPhone/iPad/
Android phone!



PhotoCube PRO Built-In Memory

Model Name

Product Specification

USB-A port x1(Male) ,USB-A port x1(Female)

I/O Ports

Transfer Speed


iOS 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Android 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
macOS | Windows


iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro
Android Phone (Type-C port support OTG)
Android Phone (micro-B port support OTG)


64GB, 128GB, 256GB


Power Mode

Operating temperature: 5°C

Storage temperature: -20°C~60°C

Humidity: 8 to 90% RH

47 x 26 x 25.3 mm

Microsoft FAT, exFAT




Supported File System Type

MAX Power Throughput

up to R30 MB/s/W26 MB/s(Lightning)

up to R70 MB/s/W38 MB/s(USB3.1)