Using N95 masks for long period of
time may result in:

- Dizziness due to lack of oxygen
- Nasal related conditions

N95 Intelligent Personal Air-Purifier

SGS Antivirus Tested (Standard: ISO 18184:2019)

N95 Grade Filter Protection

Expels Moisture & Heat

Prevents Carbon Dioxide Build-up

Rechargeable & Reusable

Product Feature

Effective against germs, haze and viruses.

Bring in Fresh Air to reduces relative humidity
and temperature.

Improve air circulation. Release CO2

1. Charge via micro USB for 3 to 8hrs of run-time
2. Filter will still function while Air-Purifier is out of power
3. You can charge and use the device at the same time

How it works


Dirty Air

N95 Grade Filter

Air flow System

Air outflow

Clean Air

Filter Specification

Dimensions: 45x53mm
Materials: Triboelectric Media/ Stiff backing
Manufacturer: PhotoFast Co. Ltd.
Country of Origin: Taiwan



Interchangeable covering mask - Choose the look you want

Tired of same old covering mask? Choose your favorite, may it be neck gaiter or cool-design mask, just put on top of our AM-9500 and you're ready to go!

Compact Light Packaging

Device Packaging

Main Device

115 x 80 x 95 mm

72 x 56 x 80 mm

144 x 56 x 80 mm

30 PCs Pack Filter

90 PCs Pack Filter

Filter Packaging

Approved TTRI/SGS Certificated tests

SGS Antivirus Test(Standard: ISO 18184:2019)

N95 Mask Protective Efficiency Test

Model Number


87 x 112 x 72 mm


Product Specification



-10 ~ 50°C

Working Temporary



Charging via micro USB for 3~8 hrs of run- time
(Filter will still function while Air-Purifier is out of power)
You can charge and use the device at the same time.

Rechargeable & Reusable

Made in Taiwan



DC 5V (microB interface)

Power Type