Brand Story

PhotoFast was established in 2003. The founder and CEO Warren Wang set the tone for the company to continuously deliver innovation through high quality products, and adopt fast responses towards the evolving trends of technology in the industry. “Fast Innovation” has since become the corporate culture and spirit.
PhotoFast started to restructure the services offered to consumer electronics in 2004. In dedicating our products with innovation, uniqueness, easy use, premium quality, and trend forecasting, PhotoFast constantly develops better services and solutions for its customers. With ten years of experience, PhotoFast’s exquisite products are selling over 70 countries, 17 airlines worldwide. Even NASA put in a product inquiry for astronauts to use in space.
PhotoFast is now a premium Smart Accessory brand that focuses on design, innovation, premium quality, and functionality. The team is full of creative talents who are passionate in delivering the best solutions for their customers. By standing at the user’s perspective, PhotoFast continues to provide the best solutions to the challenges of this digital age.

In 2020 PhotoFast started to work on medical electronics.
PhotoFast seeks to positively impact human health through innovation. We do this by helping supporting Doctors to provide  healthcare solutions that improve peoples lives around the world. We work side-by-side with Medical Doctors throughout their journey, providing a robust exchange of ideas and resources to make a better product.


The inventor of flashdrive for iPhone / iPad

The growth of iPhone and iPad in 2009 changed consumers’ habits drastically. Nonetheless, the inconvenience of transferring data and backup deeply concerned PhotoFast CEO – Warren Wang. Hence, this inspired him to start working on the world’s first flash drive that connects iOS device and PC. This innovation not only opened up the door to Apple iOS but became the best solution for transferring data between iOS devices and PC. After two years of research and development, PhotoFast launched the world’s first i-FlashDrive made for iPhone in 2011.

i-FlashDrive HD 2011.6