Are you using a fake i-FlashDrive?!

Updated: 2019/Oct/21

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD packaging

The genuine PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD and packaging

PhotoFast is NOT associated with iPocket Drive (by “The Power Company”), i-FlashDevice, Bone View or any of these fake i-FlashDrives in any way.
Those fake i-FlashDrives are using the PhotoFast HD app without our permission.

Some users of the fakes have reported the following issues:

  • App crash
  • Authentication fail!
  • File System corrupted!
  • Incorrect format!
  • Device not connected!

We strongly recommend contact your point of purchase and try to get refund as we are unable to support any purchase of fake PhotoFast i-FlashDrive products.

Some company cracked the “PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD” hardware encryption in 2012,
and has been selling fake (cloned) i-FlashDrives that tricked our app to believe they are genuine PhotoFast products.
(Products should have link printing “Made in Taiwan” at the bottom)

There is no such thing as “generic iOS i-FlashDrive”
Apple does not allow uncertified hardware to communicate with iOS apps through the Lighting or 30 pin port.
Each hardware first has to have an unique “bundle ID”, then some Apple regulations that the hardware must comply. The review process for new product application can take around 3-9 months.

The fake i-FlashDrives are pretending to be PhotoFast products by faking our product “bundle ID”, which is written in the firmware of the hardware.

This is the model of our product that got “cloned”
If you connect the fake i-FlashDrive to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch:
1. Go to Setting > General > About
2. Go to the bottom and check the property of “i-FlashDrive”
You will see:
Manufacturer = xxx
Model Number = PF-1238-04 (The PhotoFast internal model number)
Firmware Version = 0.1.5
Hardware Version = 0.0.2

Some manufacturers of the fake i-FlashDrive even use our name in the “Manufacturer” field (as shown below).
i-FlashDrive property

Some sellers of the fakes claim they’ve got a new app on the way (highly unlikely, since the “bundle ID” has to be unique), or telling the users to “update firmware” then will be able to use another app (which is also illegal).

PhotoFast, like any other company, has to make profit to continue our operation.
We invented, designed, developed and manufactured the original i-FlashDrive hardware & software in 2009.

We offer the software app for free, and cover the costs by selling Apple certified hardware (e.g. the genuine i-FlashDrives).

The manufacturers of the fake products don’t have to pay for any of the HW/SW development, app maintenance cost and Apple MFi license fee for the HW/SW (yes, we have to pay Apple regularly to keep our license to sell the product and stay in App Store). Thus the price difference compare to Android OTG (which are just standard USB drives with Micro USB connector).

If the piracy continues, we will NOT be able to keep maintaining the app.
Then the users still won’t be able to use our app when we are forced to close our App Store account.

For genuine product users, we are testing the possibility of firmware upgrade for HD, which will improve the transfer speed of the Lightning connection from current R/W: 3.7MB/s, 700KB/s -> 5MB/s, 5MB/s

The genuine PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD series

The genuine PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD series

Thank you for supporting genuine PhotoFast products.

The PhotoFast team